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Our Ranch

Thank you for your interest in Cedar Coulee Pintabians

photo of the Cedar Coulee Ranch

We are foundation breeders of the rare and distinctive Pintabian Horse. Our ranch is nestled in the rugged Badlands country along beautiful Lake Sakakawea on the Lewis and Clark Trail, about 22 miles east of Williston in northwestern North Dakota. We produce top-quality black and white Pintabians with people-loving dispositions, well-balanced conformation, and exceptional athletic ability.

Having spent nearly 17 years competing in endurance and competitive rides, we have bred our horses to be strong, dependable, sure-footed, and confident in themselves making them extraordinary Badlands-raised endurance/sport horse prospects. We imprint our foals at birth, and they get a lot of one-on-one attention. Natural horsemanship methods are used when we are working and playing with our horses. We go the extra mile to give our horses the best possible care. They are given very thorough dental work done by a vet specializing in horse dentistry, excellent farrier work, regular worming and vaccinations, and they eat high quality grass hay, oats, and vitamin/mineral supplements.

We stand two black and white Pintabian stallions, CC CHARLEY HORSE (frozen semen available) and CC DERBY WHIRL who pass on their exceptional beauty, friendly dispositions, and extraordinary athleticism to their foals. We have gorgeous Pintabians for sale at all times.

Pintabian horses are over 99% Arabian in blood and have tobiano (pronounced TOE-bee-AH-no) markings, an attractive non-symmetrical spotting pattern. Pintabians are unique in that the purebred Arabian does not come dressed in these spots.

The emphasis on our ranch has always been on the production of the elusive black and white Pintabian. If you want to stand apart from the crowd with a rare and exceptional black and white, come see us first.